When you talk to HC Partners about your superannuation options, you will notice that we are not in any hurry to switch you into something new. In many cases, it may be more appropriate to retain your existing superannuation account and not incur unnecessary switching fees, alter your existing arrangements with your employer or cancel your existing insurance policy.

What is important is taking control. Too many people forget that superannuation is there in the background, working every day for brighter retirement prospects. How do you know if your super is still working in your best interests?

Talk to HC Partners…

  • Review and assess your attitude towards risk and life stage and alter your investment options accordingly
  • Consolidate multiple balances
  • Perform a lost super check
  • Review insurances for appropriateness, level of cover and cost
  • Review nominated beneficiaries
  • Review fees

What are the costs?

We offer a fixed price package that includes the above – see our How do we charge?

In addition...

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