Retirement Planning


Being financially secure in retirement is one of the biggest challenges facing all Australians. As we live longer, a greater level of importance is being placed on the funds we have available for our retirement.

HC Partners focus on providing a personalised plan just for you – because everyone’s path to being financially secure in retirement is different. Our retirement planning advice considers:

Planning is key

It is never too early to start – contact HC Partners today for a no obligation consultation to get you on the right path

Investment Advice

HC Partners provide investment advice for clients who want control of their financial future throughout every stage of their lives. This is done by getting to know you, creating a plan designed just for you, then using our experience and extensive research to advise on investments that help you achieve your goals.

Our personalised advice will consider:

  • Superannuation
  • Listed shares
  • Managed investment products
  • Bonds and fixed income securities
  • Annuities

Contact us today for a no obligation consultation where we can discuss how HC Partners can help you. All fees are fixed and quoted up front – so you know the cost of the advice we provide before any work is undertaken on your behalf.

Superannuation Services

Superannuation remains the most tax effective vehicle for accumulating funds for your retirement and the more you can contribute now, the more comfortable your retirement can be.

HC Partners specialise in the area of superannuation. By getting to know you, we can provide a personalised Retirement Plan to suit your needs or provide personalised advice in the areas of

Centrelink Services


Understanding and negotiating the income and assets tests can be confusing. Also, dealing with Centrelink and the Department of Human Services is often difficult and at times, frustrating.

With continual changes to social security including Age Pensions and other benefits, we can help to ensure you stay on top of the changes and continue to maximise your entitlements.

We offer the following services to assist with all Centrelink matters:

  • Review of your existing Centrelink entitlements
  • Assessment of eligibility for any additional social security benefits
  • Assistance with completing application forms
  • Ongoing Centrelink support
  • Consideration of changes in legislation
  • Structural advice to maximise entitlements

Are you eligible?

There are a number of strategies which can be considered in a bid to increase your benefits today or in the future. As always – planning is key. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation to discuss your needs.

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